Watiching movie-GettyImages-1337115716 Peter Marks: An Early Preview of mRNA, Gene Therapy Platforms

Though Marks emphasized that this concept/designation at the regulatory level is still somewhat of a “we’ll-know-it-when-we-see-it” phenomenon, his remarks this summer — as well as a few additional discussions that have occurred throughout 2023 — add a bit more clarity to our understanding of what a gene therapy platform can be.


Hosted by Cell & Gene Collaborative Director Anna Rose Welch, ARW on RNA puts a creative spin on the emerging mRNA + RNA therapeutics industry. Here, in Episode 5, Welch dives into the separate — but strikingly similar — worlds of fly fishing and mRNA R&D. In particular, she explains how a fly fisherman’s strategies to catch a fish relate to the work of mRNA scientists as they strive to identify the most appropriate immunogenicity profiles for their mRNA vaccines or therapeutics.    

As CRISPR use continues to grow, so has the demand for clinical-grade guide RNA. Learn about GMP sgRNA and their stringent process and manufacturing controls.

Is your mRNA production process ready for scale up? Learn how to choose a capping method to optimize your mRNA yield and process costs.

Akhilesh Bhambhani, Sr. Director, Biologics Drug Product Development at Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals and Roberta Duncan, VP and mRNA Program Lead at Seqirus offer insight into CMC considerations and entertain audience questions on the topic.