• Addressing Challenges In Serialization For Complex Therapeutics

    The magnitude of serialization, especially for firms with extensive portfolios and intricate supply chains, poses serious challenges. This discussion offers solutions.

  • Assessing Quality Of mRNA Vaccines: Key Considerations

    To address the need for standards for mRNA vaccines, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) has convened vaccine experts to identify important quality attributes and to propose test methods that can be used to assess mRNA vaccine products. This article shares those CQAs and analytical procedure tips.

  • How Can We Move RNA Forward In Our Therapeutics Arsenal?

    RNA technologies, including mRNA therapeutics, have emerged as a promising drug modality. However, they have unique challenges. BioPhorum has dedicated a team to investigate these challenges and this Q&A shares their practical considerations for how to move this field forward.

  • Therapeutic Oligonucleotides: Regulations & Quality Standards

    Oligonucleotides have surfaced in the past few years as promising therapeutic agents to treat diseases such as neurodegenerative disorders, respiratory disorders, cancer, and diabetic retinopathy. This article recaps a recent USP workshop where participants from regulatory agencies, industry, and academia gathered to discuss best practices and perspectives.

  • The Expanding Patent Landscape For RNA-Based Therapeutics

    The COVID-19 pandemic thrust RNA-based therapeutics into the spotlight. Before that, only a handful had received regulatory approval. Why are RNA-based therapeutics seeing more patent activity now and how should biotech companies mitigate patent risks? Attorneys from Neal Gerber Eisenberg share their insights.

  • Biomanufacturing Capacity Crunch: It’s The Supply Chain’s Fault

    What's behind the protracted biopharma manufacturing capacity crunch, when will it end, and what are manufacturers doing to keep supply on track? During Biotech Week in Boston ad BioProcess International, CDMOs and sponsors weighed in.


As CRISPR use continues to grow, so has the demand for clinical-grade guide RNA. Learn about GMP sgRNA and their stringent process and manufacturing controls.

When asked which specific topic they’d like to see discussed more regularly in the future as it relates to our supply chains, Featured speakers for the "Got Raw Materials? The State Of The mRNA Supply Chain" event were aligned around this one absolutely critical topic...

In this excerpt from Advancing RNA Live's Got Raw Materials? The State Of The mRNA Supply Chain featured guests share how they and their teams align around the definition of “phase-appropriate.”

With benefits across applications, nanoplasmids are designed to replace antiquated bacterial backbones, while eliminating antibiotic markers that can cause regulatory concerns.