GettyImages-512732746 Moderna & The Global mRNA Supply Chain: Regulatory Lessons Learned

One of the most important reminders I took away from Moderna’s experiences ushering its mRNA vaccine onto the global market is that a commercial manufacturing process must also be accompanied by a commercially ready supply chain. Though sufficient physical volumes of each raw material and a redundant supplier network are necessities, physical scale is not the only “CQA” for which we must account when commercializing our supply chain. 


Large scale production of plasmid DNA requires an in-depth understanding and optimization of the entire downstream process. Explore a complete solution, from harvest to bulk filtration.

Review data and evidence that demonstrate the benefits of an integrated approach in achieving critical end-user goals, such as scalability, efficiency, sustainability, and optimizing process economics.

In this Bioprocess Online Live panel, we discuss two experts' perspectives on the current state of the mRNA supply chain for critical raw materials and manufacturing supplies and where pain points still exist.

What challenges do you consider the most formidable in your own mRNA therapeutic development environments?