GettyImages-940980974 “Alice In [mRNA] Wonderland:” 3 Realities Facing The mRNA Industry

The mRNA industry is an exciting place to be, and I have no doubt we will celebrate some significant triumphs in the future. But there are three critical realities (or perhaps difficult truths) I was reminded of during the mRNA Therapeutics Summit worth reiterating to keep us grounded through all our uninhibited dreaming.


In this video, Russell Johnson, VP Formulation Research for RVAC Medicines, and Aalok Shah, Director of Formulation & Drug Delivery, Strand Therapeutics, share their thoughts on the scientific-research and CMC-related reasons that have made the lipid nanoparticle the “darling” of the delivery world for mRNA/RNA products today.

Hosted by Cell & Gene Collaborative Director Anna Rose Welch, ARW on RNA puts a creative spin on the emerging mRNA + RNA therapeutics industry. Here, in Episode 5, Welch dives into the separate — but strikingly similar — worlds of fly fishing and mRNA R&D. In particular, she explains how a fly fisherman’s strategies to catch a fish relate to the work of mRNA scientists as they strive to identify the most appropriate immunogenicity profiles for their mRNA vaccines or therapeutics.    

Need help unravelling the complexity of CGTx development? Four experts explain Precision ADVANCE’s unique approach. Spend 50 seconds with Anshul Mangal, Deb Phippard, Megan Liles, and Philip Cyr.

mRNA therapeutics are applicable to cancer immunotherapies, infectious diseases, and other indications that require protein replacement therapy or antibodies.