Welcome to Advancing RNA Live – An interactive forum to discuss the most important technologies and trends impacting the rapidly evolving field of RNA-based therapeutics.Throughout the year, our Chief Editor, Anna Rose Welch, will sit down with industry experts to discuss how biopharmaceutical companies address various challenges in RNA therapy development, including analytical, quality, manufacturing, and regulatory issues. These discussions often include Q&A sessions with attendees, and each Advancing RNA Live session will be archived and accessible at any time by registered site users.


  • The State Of The mRNA Supply Chain
  • The State Of The mRNA Regulatory Landscape; RNA-Specific Guidance
  • RNA Process Development Do’s and Don’ts
  • Delivery Advancements & Challenges

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About Anna Rose Welch

Anna RoseAnna Rose has dedicated the past nine years of her professional journey to mastering the intricate aspects of the biologics field, including science, regulations, development, and policy. Anna's unique perspective has granted her unparalleled insights into the most pressing challenges and promising opportunities within this sector. Anna has previously served as the Chief Editor of two Life Science Connect Communities, Biosimilar Development and the Cell & Gene Collaborative. Before assuming those leadership roles, she covered daily news stories for Life Science Connect. She is now entrusted with various pivotal roles, such as moderating discussions, chairing and orchestrating international conferences, presenting alongside industry experts on noteworthy emerging developments, and facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogues across the globe.

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