Welcome to Advancing RNA Live – An interactive forum to discuss the most important technologies and trends impacting the rapidly evolving field of RNA-based therapeutics.Throughout the year, our Chief Editor, Anna Rose Welch, will sit down with industry experts to discuss how biopharmaceutical companies address various challenges in RNA therapy development, including analytical, quality, manufacturing, and regulatory issues. These discussions often include Q&A sessions with attendees, and each Advancing RNA Live session will be archived and accessible at any time by registered site users.


  • Major Trends In Next-Gen RNA Engineering

    From tissue specificity to potency and durability, major trends in RNA are developing as the space continues to evolve at record-breaking speed. In June 2023, Cell & Gene Live welcomed Nathaniel Wang, CEO and Co-Founder, Replicate Bioscience and Sam Deutch, EVP of Research and Early Development at Nutcracker Therapeutics for a deep dive into how RNA can accelerate drug development and how the evolution in the scale-up production of novel engineering technologies impacts near- and long-term deployment of new therapies.


  • Advancements In Targeted mRNA Delivery

    mRNA has broad potential as a therapeutic. The clinical translation of mRNA therapeutics has been made possible through advances in the design of mRNA manufacturing and intracellular delivery methods. However, broad application of mRNA is still limited by the need for improved delivery systems.


  • LNPs & Beyond: Opportunities In RNA Delivery

    The rapid development, scale-up, and successful commercialization of mRNA vaccines served as a great case study on the importance of mRNA/RNA therapeutics. For those striving to develop next-gen RNA therapeutics, achieving more specifically targeted non-viral delivery is a large hurdle to broadening their applicability, durability, and effectiveness.

About Anna Rose Welch

Anna Rose

Anna Rose Welch is the editorial and community director of Advancing RNA. In this role, she is forging close relationships with the leading voices and organizations in the RNA industry. In addition to penning thought leadership articles and developing other creative forms of content on the evolving RNA industry, she hosts panel discussions and is an active participant in the RNA/ATMP conferences circuit. 

Prior to entering the advanced therapies space, Anna Rose built a global editorial following as the Chief Editor of Biosimilar Development.

Over the past decade, her work in the biologics and advanced therapies spaces has taken her across the world to chair conferences, give presentations, moderate panel discussions, and serve on conference advisory boards. Most notably, she has been involved with the BioPhorum ATMP Conference, Phacilitate’s RNA Connect, the AGC CDMO Summit, the World Vaccine Congress, DIA Biosimilars Conference, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Annual Healthcare Summit. In 2018, the trade association Grupo FarmaBrasil invited her to Brazil where she addressed members of the Brazilian Ministry of Health, ANVISA, and local biologics and biosimilar manufacturers on establishing national biologics and biosimilar policies.

In 2018, her first book of poetry, We, The Almighty Fires, was published by Alice James Books. She lives in Erie, PA, where she is a violinist in the Presque Isle Pro Musica chamber orchestra and an aspiring ballet dancer.

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