• Forum Notebook: Quick Takes From USP’s mRNA Virtual Summit

    The United States Pharmacopeia held a forum in February to exchange ideas about analytical methodologies and release testing. Here's a recap of the event.

  • “Holy Deliverability, Batman!”: Next-Gen “Heroism” For The mRNA-[X] Space


    In the first- of this two-part article, Koeris and I ford through some of the most prominent delivery-vehicle development pain-points that don’t get nearly as much conversation as they should today. Though Koeris did not sugarcoat his concerns with some of our current mRNA delivery/LNP development limitations, the questions he posed and considerations he offered give us clearer direction around where we must pursue more scientific “heroism” in the mRNA space.

  • Unpacking The Importance Of Lipid Nanoparticle Production Platforms

    Batch processing platforms for LNPs lack efficiency, appropriate controls, and yield optimization. Continuous manufacturing platforms may address some of those issues.

  • Tracking 4 Payload Trends In Drug Delivery Development

    Amid new research and development in nanocarriers, market attention has shifted toward payloads and enhancing compatibility. This discussion explores the latest trends and includes a research database.

  • RNA Vaccines: Just Scratching The Surface

    RNA vaccines have shown promise in preventing infectious diseases and treating cancer, but clinical development varies markedly between the two. HDT Bio’s Dr. Berglund discusses this and how they can be improved.

  • How To Break RNA’s “4-Minute Mile”

    Four CEOs provide their take on some of the hot topics of discussion in the RNA therapeutics space. Whether they be homing in on platform development, much-needed scientific advancements, or commercialization considerations, each of these experts’ quotes speaks to the important “training efforts” we should be building into our “workout” regimens to condition our companies and our products to achieve (and surpass!) RNA’s own “four-minute mile(s).”


In this video, Russell Johnson, VP Formulation Research for RVAC Medicines, and Aalok Shah, Director of Formulation & Drug Delivery, Strand Therapeutics, share their thoughts on the scientific-research and CMC-related reasons that have made the lipid nanoparticle the “darling” of the delivery world for mRNA/RNA products today.

Explore an overview of the development and scale-up activities needed to develop high quality lipid nanoparticles and progress this saRNA vaccine to the clinic.

Increased demand for protein delivery and the emergence of advanced modalities – including mRNA – are introducing new challenges to the development lifecycle, such as high-concentration formulations.

Dr. Jason Coleman, Clinical Application Scientist Lead with Precision NanoSystems, presents on an overview of the development and scale-up activities needed to progress this saRNA vaccine to the clinic.