Newsletter | January 31, 2024

01.31.24 -- Why Nike's "Just Do It!" Is The Wrong Slogan For The RNA Industry


Register today for the inaugural Advancing RNA, Live happening February 21st! During this discussion, we will identify where the biggest supply gaps for mRNA medicines exist today and how innovators and suppliers can work together to bridge those gaps and improve availability and quality of raw materials for improved IVT production of mRNA and LNP formulation. This digital event is free to attend thanks to the support of ThermoFisher Scientific.


Why Nike’s “Just Do It!” Is The Wrong Slogan For The RNA Industry

As Jacob Becraft, CEO of Strand Therapeutics, and I discuss, it’s not just the public we need to educate about the possibilities and limitations of mRNA therapeutics. Members of the biopharmaceutical industry at large and the investors supporting emerging and established RNA therapeutics companies could also use a post-pandemic “refresher” about mRNA’s potential use cases beyond vaccines and the (often under-emphasized) truths of what it will take to successfully achieve these use cases.

Oligonucleotides Outsourcing In 2024

The year 2023, among other potential designations, was the year of oligonucleotides. Accordingly, here’s a question I raised with professionals throughout the year: How do you successfully outsource development and manufacture of an oligo program?

Surmounting The Challenges To Realizing The Potential Of CGT For Neurological Disorders

Incorporating innovative technologies, such as RNA-based therapies or CRISPR/Cas9, and understanding the molecular basis of neurological disorders are crucial in shaping the future of gene therapy.


Oligonucleotide Manufacturing: How To Get A Strong Start

If you’re developing an antisense oligonucleotide, siRNA, or other oligonucleotide therapeutic, you’re aware of their potential. Explore five keys to success for oligo synthesis, scale-up, and manufacturing.

Plasmid DNA Downstream Purification Process

Large-scale production of plasmid DNA requires an in-depth understanding and optimization of the entire downstream process. Explore a complete solution, from harvest to bulk filtration.

Genome Editing Using mRNA-Lipid Nanoparticles For CAR T-Cell Therapy

Gene delivery platforms must support a diversity of genetic engineering strategies for genomic medicine development. Learn how lipid nanoparticles can accelerate development from discovery to scale-up.


DNA Process Development & Manufacturing Summit

The DNA Process Development & Manufacturing Summit is the only forum solely dedicated to increasing plasmid and cell-free-based DNA production while reducing costs, time, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Meet 80+ DNA production experts over three days with deep-dive workshops, data-led presentations, and dedicated networking sessions. Hear expert speakers from leading companies including Sanofi, Roche, Genentech, Pfizer, and more.