Newsletter | February 21, 2024

02.21.24 -- The RNA Therapeutics Supply Chain: A Platform Of Relationships


Register today for the inaugural Advancing RNA Live, happening February 21st! During this discussion, we will identify where the biggest supply gaps for mRNA medicines exist today and how innovators and suppliers can work together to bridge those gaps and improve the availability and quality of raw materials for improved IVT production of mRNA and LNP formulation. This digital event is free to attend thanks to the support of ThermoFisher Scientific.


The RNA Therapeutics Supply Chain: A Platform Of Relationships

Conversations digging into RNA-specific sourcing considerations have been few and far between. Enter Sanofi's Greg Troiano. Together, we delved into the nuances, challenges, and opportunities for growth that currently exist within the mRNA drug substance and drug product (i.e., mRNA-LNP) raw material sourcing worlds.

Gene Editing Versus Gene Therapy: Is There A Difference?

This article navigates the nomenclature that underlies gene therapy and gene editing technologies and explores the latest advancements in genome medicine.

Analytics And Assays: Defining mRNA Therapeutic Impurities Early And Often

mRNA therapeutics present a whole new safety paradigm not seen in vaccine applications. In this segment, Combined Therapeutics CSO Thomas Van Cott, Ph.D., and Omega Therapeutics executive director, process development and analytical sciences, Jeff Atkinson, Ph.D., address the nuances of mRNA therapeutic analytics and assays.


Fast And Efficient Extraction Of mRNA From IVT Mixtures

Here, a fast and efficient way to purify polyadenylated mRNA using affinity chromatography on the CIMmultus® Oligo dT column is presented.

Streamlining Upstream Plasmid DNA Manufacturing

Explore scalable process workflow solutions available from initial R&D investment to clinical testing and commercialization to meet the shift in demand created by mRNA vaccines.

Developing A Scalable RNA-LNP Drug Product For Clinical Translation

Accelerate essential process development activities with instrumentation solutions allowing for highly reproducible and scalable production of RNA-LNPs.

Chromatographic Purification Of Plasmid DNA

Widespread application of pDNA in gene therapy is driving increased demand and, as a response, plasmid manufacturing must become more efficient with improved productivity.

Embracing GMP Manufacturing To Meet Pharma’s Future

As pharma companies aim to overcome development obstacles, it is important to incorporate GMP expertise alongside novel technologies that can enhance the properties of APIs and dosage forms.