Newsletter | April 18, 2024

04.18.24 -- Novel Approaches In Chromatography Process Development

Moving Beyond mAbs: Level Up Your Knowledge Of Antibody-Derived Molecules 

Learn about monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and current variants as well as how to set your purification strategy.


Antibody Variants ― Protein L Affinity Resin Is Ready To Move To Manufacturing 

Explore study results to discover which resin is the most suitable option for productive biomanufacturing processes.


Recombinant Proteins ― Top Challenges In Purification Process Development 

Get insights from process developers working with recombinant proteins that cannot be purified with affinity chromatography.



Recombinant Proteins ― Cytiva Protein Select™ Technology 

An affinity chromatography resin for purifying any recombinant protein that does not have an affinity binding partner.

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Antibody Variants ― Improve Efficiency In Capture With MabSelect™ VH3 And MabSelect™ VL Resins


As the therapeutic pipeline diversifies, chromatography toolboxes are expanding. Learn about capture resins for bispecifics and antibody fragments.


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Enhance Your Process Understanding And Output Using Gosilico™ Chromatography Modeling Software 

Simulations enable faster and smarter downstream process development. Learn how mechanistic chromatography modeling takes you in silico.

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