Newsletter | May 29, 2024

05.29.24 -- mRNA: The Fourth Pillar Of Pharma Innovation


Webinar: Deciphering mRNA Immunogenicity: The What, Why and How of Early Assessment of Human Immune Response of Your Molecule Candidate

Immunogenicity is complex, with a wide array of factors involved in determining whether a product induces an immune response in a patient. This webinar will focus on strategies to assess the potential for human immune response following the administration of an mRNA therapeutic. Click to learn more.


mRNA: The Fourth Pillar Of Pharmaceutical Innovation And Intervention

mRNA medicines represent the genesis of a fourth pillar of pharma innovation. While exciting, there are several critical challenges we must solve to strengthen this pillar, including stability and deliverability.

Advancing PSC-Based Therapies: The Application Of Nonintegrating Engineering Strategies To Improve Directed Differentiation

This article explains why the incorporation of nonintegrating, traceless engineering tools in PSC directed differentiation approaches could significantly help streamline the development of allogeneic cell therapies.


Integrated Solutions For Advanced Therapies

The right CDMO offering integrated services can ease increasingly common CGT manufacturing problems such as scale, raw material access, viral vector production, and quality requirements.

Key Benefits Of PCR-Based mRNA Manufacturing For Clinical Development

To unlock the potential of your mRNA therapies and accelerate your development and manufacturing program, discover the benefits of a novel PCR-based mRNA drug substance manufacturing process.

Methods for mRNA Poly(A) Sizing

This study used Oxford Nanopore Technologies' Direct RNA Sequencing Kit and obtained successful sizing of poly(A) tail regions. The results are presented in a histogram and table format.

A New Centre For Continuous mRNA Manufacturing

Explore how a partnership between academia, regulatory agencies, and manufacturing organizations has the potential to reshape the way we produce and distribute mRNA-based therapies.


Biotech Submits NDA After Risk-Based Mock Inspection

An emerging biotech company recently took a preventative approach to mitigate risks, identify potential concerns before an FDA inspection, and submit their NDA. See how these proactive measures accurately addressed gaps within its application and led to a successful submission.


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