Newsletter | January 17, 2024

01.17.24 -- How To Break RNA's "4-Minute Mile"


With today’s global focus and demand for mRNA vaccine development continuing to accelerate at an unprecedented pace, biopharma leaders and clinical trial stakeholders are rapidly adopting new flexible and scalable solutions to ensure the safe delivery of these critical treatments. Explore the industry impact of rapidly evolving vaccinology, the power of next-gen science and technology, and how finding the right supply chain partner has never been more essential. Learn more.


How To Break RNA’s “4-Minute Mile”

Four CEOs provide their take on some of the hot topics of discussion in the RNA therapeutics space. Whether they are homing in on platform development, much-needed scientific advancements, or commercialization considerations, each of these experts’ quotes speaks to the important “training efforts” we should be building into our “workout” regimens to condition our companies and our products to achieve (and surpass!) RNA’s own “four-minute mile.”

RNA Vaccines: Just Scratching The Surface

RNA vaccines have shown promise in preventing infectious diseases and treating cancer, but clinical development varies markedly between the two therapeutic areas. HDT Bio’s CSO Dr. Peter Berglund discusses the biggest differences in the development paradigm for infectious disease and cancer vaccines, and how development of the latter can be improved.

Understanding FDA's Rare Disease Therapeutics Pilot Program

The FDA aims to advance medical research and therapeutic solutions for rare diseases with its Support for Clinical Trials Advancing Rare Disease Therapeutics (START) Pilot Program. 

Harry Potter Meets mRNA | ARW On RNA Ep01

Hosted by Advancing RNA's Anna Rose Welch, ARW on RNA puts a creative spin on the emerging mRNA + RNA therapeutics industry. Here, in Episode 1, Welch draws a few connections between the magical world of Harry Potter and the challenging scientific work mRNA companies are doing today to explore and/or broaden mRNA's therapeutic potential in a variety of indications.


mRNA Process And Cost Modeling: A Tool To Optimize Process Development

Demand for mRNA-based medicine production continues to increase, as do investments in prophylactic and therapeutic indications. Explore a cost-model that compares all modalities.

Recommendations For Successful IND Approval Of RNA-LNP Drugs

The existing regulatory system is ambiguous for RNA therapeutics. Leverage this investigational new drug (IND) guide to help accelerate and strengthen the IND filing process for novel nanomedicines.

Overcome The Hidden Complexities Of mRNA Process Development

Explore the challenges behind the perceived simplicity of mRNA process development, as well as characterization strategies and models for predicting process outcomes at early stages.