Newsletter | January 22, 2024

01.22.24 -- Enabling Capabilities And Solutions For All mRNA (Nucleic Acid) Platforms


DNA Process Development & Manufacturing Summit

The DNA Process Development & Manufacturing Summit is the only forum solely dedicated to increasing plasmid and cell-free-based DNA production while reducing costs, time, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Meet 80+ DNA production experts over three days with deep-dive workshops, data-led presentations, and dedicated networking sessions. Hear expert speakers from leading companies including Sanofi, Roche, Genentech, Pfizer, and more.


Enabling Capabilities And Solutions For All mRNA (Nucleic Acid) Platforms

Find an experienced and trustworthy partner who understands the varying challenges you face and helps you solve them efficiently, safely, and speedily.

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Coated Magnetic Particles For RNA Preparation

Learn about coated magnetic particles that easily isolate and extract mRNA from a variety of sources and enable you to perform RT-PCR cDNA library construction, affinity purification, and more.

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Efficient, Scalable Purification Of mRNA By Affinity Chromatography

Increasing demand for mRNA as a therapeutic product requires efficient, scalable purification methods. Here, a monolithic stationary phase is used to purify mRNA from a capping mix of Luc2 RNA.

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Single-Use System For Clinical And Commercial Production Of LNPs

Learn about a scalable, single-use platform with built-in automation and regulatory compliance that enables standardized manufacturing workflows for mRNA-LNP drug product production.

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Precision NanoSystems

Analytical Development And Characterization For mRNA

Meet your mRNA product's specific needs with assay packages that provide the product and process knowledge needed to develop a quality target product profile and identify critical quality attributes.

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