Newsletter | June 20, 2024

06.20.24 -- Blended Learning – Can It Boost Operator Engagement And Reduce Errors?

The Advantages Of A Blended Learning Approach In Operator Training

Learn about blended learning and its advantages over traditional operator training methods, which often reduce training to a repetitive checklist of reading and acknowledging procedures. We demonstrate how blended learning enhances operator engagement, boosts job satisfaction, and reduces operator error in drug manufacturing.


Blended Learning: An Approach To Operator Training

Inexperienced operators and installation errors commonly lead to lost, delayed, low-yield, or rescheduled batches. Are your current training methods costly and time-consuming? Explore the benefits of blended learning, which can be up to four times faster than traditional methods.


Improve Single-Use Training Through Vendor And End-User Collaboration

Collaboration between end users and suppliers on single-use technologies (SUTs) has increased tremendously in recent years. Training, however, could benefit significantly from more collaborative efforts. Learn about a combination of teaching methodologies that facilitate engaging and efficient training to help users prevent damage and leakage.




Train Biomanufacturing Operators Faster And More Effectively With Blended Learning