Newsletter | June 24, 2024

06.24.24 -- Accelerate Your Oligonucleotide Development And Scale-Up Goals


GenVoy-ILM: Power To Explore

GenVoy-ILM, a pre-optimized lipid mixture designed to encapsulate RNA in LNP, is an effective tool for developing RNA medicines and can be used throughout drug development.

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Precision NanoSystems

Accelerate Your Oligonucleotide Development And Scale-Up Goals

Discover the platform for oligonucleotide development and scale-up that is the result of 30 years of collaboration with leading oligonucleotide pharma. Explore this solution's benefits, specifications, and more.

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Simple Sampling Solutions For Stainless Steel Equipment

Discover aseptic sampling solutions to seamlessly integrate with stainless steel processes and collect perfectly representative samples at every process step without false positives.

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Uninterrupted Supply To Meet Demand

Explore a solution for biopharmaceutical companies concerned about the risks an increase in campaign volume can pose to their production timeline.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Bioproduction

Process Chemicals For RNA Drug Manufacturing

Explore a comprehensive chemical portfolio and make use of the raw materials required for mRNA with an integrated offering for all process steps, from plasmid DNA (pDNA) to mRNA synthesis to final formulation.

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Nanoparticle Enabled Formulation And Drug Delivery Solutions

Discover how revolutionary and environmentally sustainable nanoparticle technologies coupled with innovative formulation approaches can address drug solubility issues and add value.

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De-Risk mRNA Regulatory Approvals

Gain insight into how you can de-risk mRNA regulatory approvals with critical quality attribute characterization and lot release testing.

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