Newsletter | June 5, 2024

06.05.24 -- 2 Must-Haves In mRNA Outsourcing Partnerships


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2 “Must-Haves” In mRNA CDMO Outsourcing Partnerships

SalioGen's Sujit Jain shares his assessment of the partnering landscape for mRNA therapeutic candidates. Though capacity has been a hot-button topic/need for other modalities in the ATMP space, his tips for evaluating CDMOs for mRNA therapeutics keep us aligned around the importance of capability and flexibility in outsourcing partnerships.


Unlocking The Potential Of mRNA Vaccines And Therapeutics

This webinar highlights the potential of mRNA therapies and focuses on the manufacturing process-associated challenges, solutions, and perspectives from synthesis to delivery.

Scalable mRNA Affinity Capture

The POROS Oligo dT(25) affinity resin offers a solution for the purification of mRNA by providing efficient purification, high binding capacity, and selectivity while removing impurities.

Treating Deficiencies In Employee Training And Mentorship

Investing in employee training and development is not just beneficial for the employees. It also contributes significantly to the organization’s success and provides a competitive advantage.

Understanding Microfluidic Platforms For Scaling Nanoparticle Production

Learn about the benefits of microfluidics for nanoparticle production over traditional methods as well as scaling nanoparticle production for clinical or industrial use.

Ophthalmic Drug Delivery

Explore the challenges to effective delivery of drugs to the eye, intricacies of ophthalmic drug delivery, and advantages of nanoparticles as an enabling technology for ocular drug delivery systems.

Talent Crossover: Extend Your Workforce Through Supplier Partnership

Experts at Sartorius discuss the challenges complex molecules present to drug manufacturers today and the vital role suppliers play in fulfilling talent gaps for their customers.


Assessing pDNA Purity For Cell & Gene Therapies

Plasmid DNA (pDNA) is used in gene therapies, vaccines, and RNA therapeutics. Along each step of development, we need to evaluate potential impurities.

Approving The World's First saRNA Vaccine: Arcturus' Regulatory Experience

Arcturus’ Ye Zhang shares the behind-the-scenes best practices the company implemented that led to the approval of the world’s first saRNA vaccine in Japan.