Newsletter | March 28, 2024

03.28.24 -- Optimize Your Drug Development With GPS Engineering

Using GPS Engineering To Optimize Antibody-Based Drug Development

Explore the results collected when a platform designed to optimize the development of antibody-based drugs was used to engineer a lead molecule targeting a mechanism in neuronal disease. This study showcases how utilizing the platform impacts all stages of an antibody's life cycle, from discovery to manufacturing.


What You Paste Matters

The past five years have seen an extraordinary surge in the use of transposase/transposon platforms for CHO cell line development. This article discusses the use of these systems in genetic engineering and protein expression and how they can improve efficiency and accuracy when working with random integration mechanisms to insert desired sequences into the host cell genome.


Engineering CHO K1 Cells With Three Orthogonal Transposase Systems

While many consider transposase enzymes to be the critical component necessary for developing high-expression cell lines, prioritizing transposon design is perhaps the most important variable to consider. This is true not only when seeking high expression levels of a therapeutic protein, but also to tightly control recombinant protein production and/or modulate endogenous gene expression.


Codon Optimization For Recombinant Protein Expression

How can you achieve more consistent recombinant protein expression results? Recombinant protein expression forms the foundation of the entire biotechnology sector, and true codon optimization is made possible with current advancements. Explore platform technologies for a better, more tailored codon optimization paradigm.


Obtain Proteins With Optimal Properties For Commercial Applications

Explore a unique protein platform that relies on design of experiment (DoE) to calculate the set of nodes that are maximally information-rich in the relevant space, gene synthesis to make those exact sequence nodes, high-quality measurements to quantify function, and machine learning to find the optimal solution.